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Married to the “Strong-Silent” Type? (For Gals Only)

By KurtBubna | May 16, 2019

Note: This is a guest post by Teresa Ahrendt, my friend and the Executive Ministry Pastor at Eastpoint. I wrote a blog to the guys (find it here), and it seemed only right to have one for the gals!   It was Gracie Allen who asked her husband, George Burns, “Why don’t you tell me […]

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The Problem with Gratitude

By KurtBubna | May 9, 2019

To begin with, I’ll be clear; gratitude is good. To be thankful is to be godly, and of course, gratefulness is both virtuous and noble.   So, the problem isn’t with being grateful; the problem is with me.   Sometimes I’m grumpy rather than grateful because it feels good.   Sometimes I’m grumpy because it’s […]

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The Upside to Stretch Marks (For Guys Only)

By KurtBubna | May 2, 2019

“Pastor, I don’t feel the same about my wife anymore. After nearly twenty years, she’s just not the same woman I married. Honestly, she doesn’t excite me like she used to either. Her breasts are sagging, and she has a lot of stretch marks that are a bit of a turn-off.”   I wish I […]

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