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Not for the Faint of Heart

By KurtBubna | October 12, 2018

To live without the possibility of loss is to live without the potential for adventure.   I wrote that sentence, put it on a cool picture I took at the Oregon coast, and then I posted it on Instagram and Facebook. I expected rave reviews and a ton of likes. (I mean, why be on […]

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When the Pain Seems Unbearable

By KurtBubna | October 6, 2018

To say that pain is a challenge is a gross understatement for some. Whether it’s emotional, physical or relational pain, when you’re hurting—and the aching is deep—it’s awful.   Over the past week, I’ve dealt with a tooth that’s killing me. A couple I love is going through a divorce. I spoke with a man […]

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Don’t Give Up or Lose Heart

By KurtBubna | September 29, 2018

Have you ever failed at something and then sworn to God and others that you’d never do that again (whatever that is)? If you’re breathing and you’re human, then the answer is yes.   Sadly, if most of us are consistent at anything, it’s failure.   We think thoughts that we shouldn’t think.   We […]

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