Tag: Humility

NO SECRETS (The Challenge and Power of Transparency)

We all hide. At times, we all live behind a veil of secrecy. We pretend to know more than we know. We act like we are better than we are.…
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Why RUDE and CRUDE are not the new COOL! (And three ways to change the way you talk.)

Words matter. Of course, so do thoughts and actions, but what’s in our hearts always makes its way to our mouths. You can tell a lot about a person’s character…
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BUT I LOVE A “GOOD” EXCUSE!  (What not to do when you blow it!)

There are two words that should never go together: wrong and but. It’s not okay to say, “I know I was wrong, but you made me do it.” Or, “I…
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Why I’ll Shamelessly Promote My Book

TIMELY REPOST with the release of my book this week . . . In our Christian culture, self-promotion is frowned upon. Anything that smacks of pride is immediately dismissed as…
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