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Does Jesus Dig Scars?

By KurtBubna | November 10, 2018

I have never met a person who didn’t have scars. Most have at least one or two physical scars, and many have a few emotional ones too.   Scars aren’t pretty.   They don’t generally remind us of a happy moment. In fact, scars are almost always associated with pain, tragedy, and maybe stupidity.   […]

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Transitions Are Tough (But Good)

By KurtBubna | November 3, 2018

It’s o-dark-thirty (about 3:30 AM), and I’m wide awake. It’s not just stress that’s dragged my butt out of bed; it’s change.   Pretty much my whole life is in a state of transition right now.     Laura and I just signed the papers this week to sell our current home and to buy another […]

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Chapter 4 – Shattered Hope (Sneak Peek)

By KurtBubna | October 27, 2018

  “Grace means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame.” – Anonymous “God writes straight on crooked lines.” – Anonymous I love a good story, especially one where God chooses to use the young and the hopeless. In the first chapter of the book of Jeremiah, God interrupted Jerry’s young life […]

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