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How to Survive the “C” Word

By KurtBubna | March 28, 2019

Change. The word excites some of us and terrifies others. Some embrace it; others loathe it. However, like it or not, change is evitable.   Admittedly, I’m a change-aholic. I can’t get enough of it. In fact, the only thing I don’t change much is what I eat. I’m a pepperoni pizza guy forever. And […]

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Turtles Are Not Mutant Ninjas (Why Margin Matters!)

By KurtBubna | March 21, 2019

Sometimes we think experiencing the abundant life in Christ means living hard and going fast. In our Western culture, speed is typically synonymous with impressive. Unfortunately, buzzing through life often gets us nowhere—or lost. As Rollo May once said, “It is an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when they have lost their […]

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Vocational Christianity or Living Our Christian Vocation (Guest Post)

By KurtBubna | March 16, 2019

In the book of Genesis, we have two brief chapters depicting God’s shalom peace, radiating throughout creation, before the fall. Then comes the introduction of human defiance and disobedience. The remainder of the scriptures then depicts the redemptive narrative of which we are called to be participants.   And, make no mistake about it, we […]

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