Perfectly Imperfect

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By KurtBubna | June 27, 2017

{Note: I am very aware of how controversial this topic is in our country, even among Christians. As a rule, I write about relationships. So why blog about guns? Because fighting over this issue is destroying relationships. Please do me the honor of reading the entire post before you jettison it, or me, to the […]

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Life Lessons Learned from Legos (Sometimes, it’s the simple things that teach us the most!)

By KurtBubna | June 19, 2017

To begin with, and this is important, Legos are always better than Duplos. Legos rule; Duplos drool. Okay, so you can’t swallow a Duplo. (Thank you for that insight.) However, as every kid knows, you also can’t do nearly as many amazing things with those over-sized, Lego-wanna-be bricks. I get it, Duplos are safer, but […]

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Lost in Botswana!

By KurtBubna | June 13, 2017

Have you ever lost anything and it drove you a little bit crazy? Recently, I was in Botswana, Africa, and I decided to buy a local SIM card for my iPhone. Doing so would allow me to make local calls and access the internet without Wi-Fi or without paying ridiculous international roaming charges. In case […]

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