Life Lessons Learned in the Journey

The Day Kobe Died

By KurtBubna | January 27, 2020

The news was everywhere: Kobe Bryant and his younger daughter died in a helicopter crash in Southern California. Even if you don’t follow basketball, you’ve heard his name, and you probably know something of his amazing skill as a professional athlete. No one questions the fact that Kobe was one of the greatest basketball players […]

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Does There Have to Be a “Silver Lining?” by Teresa Ahrendt

By KurtBubna | January 23, 2020

I still hear the annoying squeak of the wooden bench with each movement. The not-so-soft whispering of the couple two rows behind. The tap, tap, tap of the courtroom reporter’s nails against each key. But no sound that day has been more branded into my memory than that of the wooden gavel crashing onto the […]

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How Not to Be a Donkey Hole by Sarah Reinhart

By KurtBubna | January 16, 2020

My dentist started the morning with his head in a toilet. The receptionist, apologizing on his behalf, told me that the call I’d ignored while driving ten minutes ago had been to let me know that Dr. Matthews was out with the stomach flu.   I stood in front of her, rain dripping from my […]

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