Tag: Unexpected

Are You Kidding Me? (Expecting the Unexpected)

I’m not sure why the unexpected continues to surprise me, but it does. After sixty-plus years of life on terra firma, you’d think I’d have this figured out: I should…
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WHAT IF? (How to prepare for what you can’t see coming.)

Back in April, I blew my back out, and, as a result, I’ve lived in pain for months. It’s affected my sleep, my ability to exercise, my weight, and my…
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When there seems to be no rhyme or reason!

It was exciting! I was on my third trip to TBN to be on the internationally televised program, Praise the Lord. The first two times had gone well and had…
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What to do when life goes left, and you want to go right!

Have you ever had those moments when you’re pretty sure you wanted to go one way only to discover that circumstances beyond your control took you the opposite direction? Have…
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