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The Scariest Part About Being a Leader (Yes, This Is for Everyone.)

By KurtBubna | October 18, 2018

Let’s get this straight before I move on: Whether you think you are a leader or not, you are.   Leadership is influence. And at some level and somewhere you influence someone else, and that makes you a leader. School teachers influence students. Parents influence children. Friends influence friends. Managers influence employees, and pastors influence parishioners. […]

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Not for the Faint of Heart

By KurtBubna | October 12, 2018

To live without the possibility of loss is to live without the potential for adventure.   I wrote that sentence, put it on a cool picture I took at the Oregon coast, and then I posted it on Instagram and Facebook. I expected rave reviews and a ton of likes. (I mean, why be on […]

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When the Pain Seems Unbearable

By KurtBubna | October 6, 2018

To say that pain is a challenge is a gross understatement for some. Whether it’s emotional, physical or relational pain, when you’re hurting—and the aching is deep—it’s awful.   Over the past week, I’ve dealt with a tooth that’s killing me. A couple I love is going through a divorce. I spoke with a man […]

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