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DEATH BY ZOMBIE?  (How to Overcome Fear)

By KurtBubna | June 13, 2019

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book: Hope Rising, What to Do When Life Hits the Fan. This post is part of one chapter, and I would appreciate your input. You can email me at Thank you for your help.   Can you remember the last time you were afraid?   Maybe […]

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Five Awesome Things You Can Learn from Trends

By KurtBubna | June 6, 2019

“Be who you is, or you is who you ain’t.”   I love that quote and wish I knew who said it first. But that statement is so good and even liberating for a guy like me.   Why? Because I’m not all that trendy.     I stopped wearing Converse tennis shoes about fifty […]

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Shocking Revelations About Old Age

By KurtBubna | May 29, 2019

I’ll admit it; I get defensive sometimes.   When someone harshly criticizes my leadership or my writing, I may not strike back, but in my mind, I’m hurting the offender. Badly.   If someone suggests I’m fat, I’m quick to point out that at least I’m not ugly.   And when a young-ish guy makes […]

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