Life Lessons Learned in the Journey

What to Do When Your Happy New Year Isn’t So Happy

By KurtBubna | January 9, 2020

For many, January is a month of new beginnings. Most of us want to shake the dust of the previous year from our boots and move into the new with gusto. We love the new—especially when the old has grown too old and burdensome.   So, we set New Year’s resolutions and make promises to […]

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Hope Endures

By KurtBubna | January 2, 2020

When you are confused and baffled—hope endures.   As you come face-to-face with your weakness and failure—hope endures.   When you feel too young or too old to fulfill your dreams—hope endures.   When you feel all alone—hope endures.   As you assess your past and your present losses—hope endures.   When your body rejects […]

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Too Tired for 2020? (Hang On, Hope is Near)

By KurtBubna | December 24, 2019

My dad passed away in June of 1999. He wanted to see the new millennium and survive until 2000. Sadly, he didn’t. But I remember thinking, I wonder if I’ll see 2020.   Apparently, I will, but this past year was challenging, and I wasn’t sure I’d survive. I won’t bore you with the details, […]

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