Tag: Trust

Sometimes, It’s a Tough Choice

A Travel Guide for Life, Faith, and Relationships!   Think about the last time you faced a difficult and unexpected challenge. Maybe it had to do with something at your…
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Storm Clouds on the Horizon?

Perfectly Imperfect – A Travel Guide for Life, Relationships, and Faith!   So, this might sound weird (weirder than usual), but for some time, I’ve wrestled with a sense that…
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How to Practice the Art of Authenticity (What it looks like to live without secrets!)

Last weekend I sat in an airport not so patiently waiting to catch a flight home. Across from me sat a young couple, and they were having a relatively quiet…
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WHAT IF? (How to prepare for what you can’t see coming.)

Back in April, I blew my back out, and, as a result, I’ve lived in pain for months. It’s affected my sleep, my ability to exercise, my weight, and my…
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