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Struggle Less. Love More.  (The “Secret” to Overcoming Failure)

Have you ever had one of those moments when something becomes so clear it’s like you were blind before you saw it? I had one of those revelations recently. For…
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Some Thoughts About Turning SIXTY! (Millennials Could Learn Something Here Too)

Apparently, ’57 was a good year for Elvis, Chevy’s, and my parents. I know, I know, you can hardly believe it by looking at me, but I’m turning the ripe…
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Jesus at the Bus Station (Busted By Love)

I was downtown last week, and to avoid the cold, I went through our local bus transit center on my way to get a cup of hot coffee. Many cities…
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A Call to Love and Unity

It’s early and I was up late, too late, watching the election results. I’ll keep this short, but if I’m your pastor (or friend) then I beg you to read…
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