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The Scariest Part About Being a Leader (Yes, This Is for Everyone.)

Let’s get this straight before I move on: Whether you think you are a leader or not, you are.   Leadership is influence. And at some level and somewhere you influence…
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Letting Go of Letting Down

A Guide for Life and Leadership!     We all have let someone down. Parents, children, spouses, friends, leaders, and yes, pastors, all have failed at some point to meet…
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The Sometimes Painful Cost of Leadership

A Travel Guide for Life, Faith, and Relationships!   As I look back over the many decades of my life, I can see two things very clearly: God’s goodness and…
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When They Say, “It’s Not You,” (But It Is.)

A travel guide for life, faith, and relationships.   Many of us have heard from someone, maybe a friend, a spouse, a boss, an employee, or a parishioner if you’re…
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