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You’re Not Always a “Great” Leader (and It’s Okay)

We live in a time when the pressure to be a great leader is a clear mandate for everyone from pastors to business executives. Being average is unacceptable. Leadership books…
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Thankful for My Enemies?

In one twenty-four-hour period, I ran into two families who pretty much hate me. Once upon a time we had been friends. These encounters weren’t the first time I’ve seen…
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How to Raise a Narcissist (or 4 Things You Don't Want to Do!)

The term “narcissism” is thrown around quite a bit nowadays. It is often applied to someone who is very self-centered. Actually, narcissism is a rather rare mental disorder. A narcissist…
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10 REASONS WHY WE FAIL! (The Anatomy of Personal Failure)

I sin. I fail. Occasionally, I do stupid things. (I heard that.) Of course, so do you, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about my personal failure. At…
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