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Struggle Less. Love More.  (The “Secret” to Overcoming Failure)

Have you ever had one of those moments when something becomes so clear it’s like you were blind before you saw it? I had one of those revelations recently. For…
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THE PROBLEM WITH BIG BUTS (A Tribute to Noel Campbell)

Some of you have big buts (the one “t” variety, not the other). By that I mean you live in a state of constant emotional and relational tension because you…
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We tend to see God through our shattered perspective, and that’s a big problem. With a severely damaged self-image, we generally have a broken God-image too. In fact, let’s be…
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Grace Hopes With God’s Promises! Guest Post by Nancy Kay Grace

 “I’ll be there. I promise.” And the person is a no-show. “You can count on me.” And the word is not kept. “I’ll do that for you tomorrow.” And the…
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