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How Email, Texting, and Facebook Messenger Might Be Damaging Your Relationships

We live in a digital world, and apparently we like to communicate electronically. A lot. I’m not against texting or emailing (I use both every day), but I am concerned…
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The Problem with Relational "Junk Drawers" (and What to Do with Those People Who Baffle or Bother You!)

Junk drawers. We all have them. Maybe yours is in a desk or somewhere in the garage or kitchen. Junk drawers are fairly common. Let me tell you why I’m…
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BUT I LOVE A “GOOD” EXCUSE!  (What not to do when you blow it!)

There are two words that should never go together: wrong and but. It’s not okay to say, “I know I was wrong, but you made me do it.” Or, “I…
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THE PROBLEM WITH BIG BUTS (A Tribute to Noel Campbell)

Some of you have big buts (the one “t” variety, not the other). By that I mean you live in a state of constant emotional and relational tension because you…
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