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The Truth About Leadership (and Followership) ~ Guest Post by Dr. James Emery White

Note: Dr. White is one of the finest and most respected pastors, authors, and bloggers in America. I could not have said what he says better in this blog. It's…
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Moving Through Sin ~ A Guest Post by Pastor James Emery White

We all sin. Real, honest, hard-core moral rebellion. From addictions to pornography; from an uncontrolled temper, a critical spirit and uncontrolled tongue to greed and ambition; from cut-loose pride to…
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Stuff ~ A Guest Post by Brooke Perry

{I have known Brooke Perry since she was a little girl. Her father and I were friends many years ago before he passed away from cancer. Since I'm in Africa…
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The Playboy Grave ~ Guest Post by Dr. James Emery White

{According to the experts, 3 out of 5 men in the Church viewed porn this past month. The average American will see 15,000 risque ads or promiscuous characters a year…
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