Tag: Darkness

Storm Clouds on the Horizon?

Perfectly Imperfect – A Travel Guide for Life, Relationships, and Faith!   So, this might sound weird (weirder than usual), but for some time, I’ve wrestled with a sense that…
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Why Screaming at the Darkness Doesn’t Work

Recent news about the live-streamed gang rape of a 15-year-old Chicago girl last month broke my heart. It also made me mad. Furious, in fact. The sexual assault of a…
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THE TALE OF THREE BROTHERS (A Parable About Our Hearts)

Long ago in a small and dreary village by the sea, there lived three brothers. The name of the village was Despair, and it bordered the Sea of Anguish. The…
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A Winter's Tale (A poem of redemption)

Born at the edge of winter’s tale Lost in a life so splintered fell Too deep the darkness ran to tell Hard my heart began toward hell What hope had…
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