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When it’s absolutely wrong to forgive! ~ A Guest Post by Cary Edwards

{Note: This is a guest post by my friend, fellow blogger, and Eastpointer, Cary Edwards. Enjoy!} It was too short of an event to get the helicopters in the air, but I…
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How This Defeat Could be Your Victory in Disguise ~ Guest Post

Ever experience a time when God snatched you from the jaws of death? Or finances poured in from unlikely sources during a crisis? Or an impossible door was opened for…
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Grace Hopes With God’s Promises! Guest Post by Nancy Kay Grace

 “I’ll be there. I promise.” And the person is a no-show. “You can count on me.” And the word is not kept. “I’ll do that for you tomorrow.” And the…
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Church Shopping?

Should Sheep Shop? Guest Post by Pastor James Emery White I was recently asked by another pastor how he should feel about all of the sheep swapping going around in…
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