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Letter to a Dying Friend

Dear Morgan,   When I heard the news that you were dying, it hit me hard. Your love for life, people, and family has always impressed me. The friends we…
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I Lost a Friend Today (But that’s not the end of the story)

My heart hurts. My head is splitting. It’s been a long twenty-four hours of grieving. In a tragic accident yesterday, my friend, Bob Stoker, was struck by a van while…
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Why We Try to Hide Our Imperfections (And Why We Shouldn’t)

A few months ago, a young woman I’ve known all her life looked at me and said, “What’s that on your face?” She’s the bold, outspoken type, so her question…
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Sex, Heaven, and the End Times!

Disclosure: This blog actually has nothing to do with sex, heaven, or the end times. I think there’s a truth-in-advertising law that requires me to tell you what’s actually going…
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