Struggling in the Aftermath

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the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ and a nail on the Holy CrossThe disciples of Jesus had a horrible day the Saturday after the crucifixion. We view it as the period between the cross and Easter, but they didn’t see it that way or understand what we know in hindsight.

The Jewish Sabbath was typically a day of rest, but this Sabbath was a time of gut-wrenching heartache. The disciples’ teacher, Rabbi, Lord, and closest friend was lying dead in a cold tomb. Their dream of a Messianic-led rebirth of Israel was crushed. All their hope for a Jewish revival was now completely shattered and abandoned.

Yesterday, the Friday of His crucifixion, they had run away, they had denied their beloved, they had watched from a distance in horror at what was being done to him, and they wept in agony. Today, they lived in shock, in dread, and in dark corners of deafening silence.

The disciples feared for their own lives as they cowered in an upper room somewhere in the city of Jerusalem. Overnight they had become religious outcasts among the very people who once had sung the praises of Jesus and his motley crew.

These men and women who loved Jesus experienced a dreadfully dark and demoralizing day. In their minds, he was gone forever and they were failures.

Remember, they did not understand the promise of Easter or the hope of the resurrection.

Not yet.

Not on that Saturday.

It was the second worst day of their lives, and from their limited perspective, they believed that they would never have a good day again.

Distressed woman

I wonder how many of you are in a similar place?

Something, or maybe even someone, in your life has died. You’ve lost a dream, a relationship, a job, a friend, and you’re exhausted. In fact, you’re an emotional and physical wreck. Numbness surrounds your heart, mind, and soul like a dense winter fog. You can’t even think about the future. The misery of yesterday and the emptiness of today have stolen from you any joy or hope for a better tomorrow.

If that’s you, please listen to these words: God knows where you’ve been, where you are, and where he will take you. He understands the crushing anguish of the cross, but he also knows (far better than you do), that Sunday is coming, and it’s a brand new day. A sunrise of hope for your future is on the horizon.

So hold on.

Stay true.

Don’t despair.

Sunday is just around the corner.

Empty tomb

“I am the resurrection and the life.

The one who believes in me will live,

even though they die;

and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.”

John 11:25-26 (NIV)


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16 Responses to Struggling in the Aftermath

  1. it is with great relief to read these words..I KNOW i am truly very hard on myself…I needed to hear these words..God is here for us…I just have to continue to BELIEVE and be patient…HOLD ON…

    • Hi Kelly, thank you for being so real and vulnerable. We do tend to be the hardest on ourselves. Hold on to Him and His grace… You are loved.

  2. Thank you again Kurt. Just when the darkness tries to creep back in you shine the light right where I need it. God has something special planned for me soon, I am sure of it.

  3. My dearest brother, thank you. I couldn’t find the words, but you did. It was the second darkest day of my life, My confusion and heartache seem to exceed my ability to believe that any good can come of this.
    However, as much as I don’t understand Gods way or plans, I’ll trust and wait.


  4. Being in a dark place can be frightening. Turning on the Light of Jesus makes the darkness flee. He never said all this will be easy, He just said He will always be here. Holy Spirit come!!! You have such a wonderful way of reminding us that we are not alone, Kurt!!! Love you!!!

    • If a writer/blogger can have a favorite post, this would be one of them for me. Thanks, Jim. I’m with you, “Holy Spirit, come!”

  5. Great post Kurt. This my first time reading you and I loved it. I especially love your perspective on this Saturday. I usually have to force myself to step back and look at whatever Bible story I’m reading without the privilege of knowing how it ends. It’s easier to be brave as Shadrach, Meshach and Abedenego if you know God will deliver you from the furnace. It’s something altogether different if you don’t know how it ends. I’ve always loved their example: “…but even if He does not (deliver us), we still won’t bow down to you or your statue…”

    Thanks for the encouragement as we celebrate this hope-filled weekend.

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