Sometimes Life

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Sometimes Hold On Wall

Life the mystery Dark Alley
Sometimes heartache
Sometimes pain
Sometimes struggle
Sometimes rain

Sometimes WaveLife the ecstasy
Sometimes grand
Sometimes coy
Sometimes filled
Sometimes joy

Life the journeySometimes Kite
Sometimes left
Sometimes right
Sometimes new
Sometimes bright

Sometimes Course BoatThe question now
Before you and me
Will we accept the life He leads?
Will we be true
And stay the course
And hold the path of His endorse?

Will we hold on Sometimes Hold on Kid
Though holding’s hard?
Will we press on
When hope seems far?
Will we embrace the mystery
In faith of His great mastery?

For life . . . in Him, is everything!


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2 Responses to Sometimes Life

  1. For myself; the picture of the kite seems to be a good anagoly of my Christian life. It’s been up and down as the wind seems to blow me along and in the past it would just flop due to my lack of effort.

    However, during periods of not living my life as God would want me to, I missed him and knew something critical was missing. You can’t fly a kite without wind giving you direction and until I got back in track and started living the life God wanted me to I really had no purpose or direction.

    He still needs to drive and keep my kite in line everyday it seems and for that, I’m grateful. What would I do or be without God love’s and blessing?

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