Let it rain…

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I love the sun, but it takes rain to grow
I love the good, but it takes pain to know
That pain is a teacher, not an enemy, but a friend.

The strain makes me stronger
The agony makes me deep
The lessons of this moment come as I weep.

And through tears of confusion
And cries of great grief
It is there I discover His presence, His peace.

This valley is not long
Your suffering but a shadow
My strength becomes yours
His whispers are hallowed.

Hold on, hope
Stand firm and stay true
My promises are yours
My Words will come through.

So let it rain, let it come
Bring the pain, He will reign
For in the distance, I still hear the train.

The train of His glory
The train of His love
The train of His presence coming down from above.

Yes, I love the Son
But it still takes rain to grow
So I let Him reign, because now I know.

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