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In the Event of War (or Some Other Calamity)

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What if you got a booklet or an email from the government telling you what you should do to prepare for war? I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t chuck it or send it to your spam folder. Most of us would take the threat of war seriously.


Recently, I read an article written for the citizens of Sweden about what to do in the event of an attack. It seemed a bit strange. It was also peculiar because they told people to stock up on Wet Ones and tinned hummus.


I don’t even know what tinned hummus is. Seriously. And I don’t think I care either. (Oh, I just looked it up; I definitely don’t care.)


However, the booklet asked the tall, blonde, pale, blue-eyed people of Sweden an important question: “What would you do if your everyday life was turned upside down?”


Good question.


War or not. What would you do?


Let’s say, just as an example, that you get to work on a Friday and your boss calls you into an unexpected meeting. She says, “You’ve been an excellent employee, but we’re downsizing and you’re out.”


Your world just got turned upside down. What are you going to do?



Or here’s another one. You go for your annual physical. You’ve been feeling more tired than usual, so the doc runs some extra tests. No big deal. But then the results come back, and he says, “We need to run some more tests. I want to rule out cancer.”


At that point you’re thinking, “What did he say?!” And your world gets turned upside down.


One more, just for “fun.”


You’re in your 50s and your wife says after dinner, “Honey, we need to talk.” Based on the look on her face you’re confused, and a bit concerned.


You think, “I’m pretty sure she’s not leaving me, but she has seemed more emotional lately.”


After you gobble down your mac n’ cheese she says, “I went to the doc today and I’m pregnant!” (BTW, true story, happened to my brother, Kraig. He’s in his late 50s and he recently became a daddy again!)


Your world just got turned upside down. What are you going to do?



The Swedes are preparing for something that probably won’t happen. Sweden hasn’t been invaded for over 200 years. But they are still preparing.


You may never be laid off, get cancer, or have a baby in your 50s, but are you prepared for the unexpected?


Here are some things to consider that might help if your world goes sideways:


  • Decide now what you will do then. No matter what happens, resolve to stay the course with your faith, your family, and your friends. You can’t control your world, let alone world events, but you can control your attitude.


  • When life hits the fan, hit your knees. I know, you would expect a pastor to say pray. But nothing helps you get a different perspective of your problems than falling on your face before God who is bigger than your battles.


  • Link arms with others and find support. You never were meant to go it alone. As frustrating and difficult as people can be at times—you still need the support of others—especially when trouble hits. No one goes to war or through any "battle" alone. No one who is wise.



I have no idea what’s around the corner. However, I don’t think utopia or whirled-peas are realistic options.


I also can’t know what you might be facing today or tomorrow or next year. But I do know this, it’s best to be emotionally and spiritually prepared.


Sometimes life sneaks up and scares us like a clap of thunder on a stormy night. Don’t freak out; you’ll be okay.


Just be well prepared and trust the One who loves you more than His own life.




I’ve given you a heads up about what’s coming

so that you’ll always remember to find your peace and confidence in me.

There’s no getting around that fact that on this side of eternity

you will face a ton of unwanted struggles.

But be courageous and ever don’t give up.

Never forget that I have defeated all that must be conquered in this world!

John 16:33 (Bubna Paraphrase)

Kurt Bubna

Kurt W. Bubna has published seven books, is an internationally recognized blogger, conference and retreat speaker, as well as an experienced life and leadership coach. Bubna has over forty years of experience working with individuals, teams, and a wide variety of business and non-profit organizations.

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  1. Debi Stoker

    Yes, Yes, Yes! I am living Proof how important it is to be utterly dependent on trusting Him and allowing others to love, support, and walk alone side you! Hard times yes, but impossible no, not if you keep the Faith, and trust His love and grace!

    1. KurtBubna

      You truly are, Debi. Proud to call you friend. You are loved.

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