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What If Pastors Were Like Some Politicians?

Generally, I avoid politics. That’s not to say I avoid voting or my civic duty. In fact, since I turned eighteen about a hundred years ago, I have always voted…
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Early on the morning of February 2, 1943, a luxury liner (converted into an Army transport ship) named The Dorchester was carrying 902 service men. The vessel was about 150…
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Three More Things You May Not Know About Pastors (Part 2)

Isn’t it funny (sad really) how ruthless and mean some people are in an email? They will emotionally vomit into a keyboard in ways they would never actually speak to…
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Three Things You May Not Know About Pastors

Ted was dead serious when he said to me, “How tough can your job be when you only work a few hours on Sunday?” Without blinking, I replied, “About as…
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