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Five Things That Will Help You Survive a Crazy Family

Maybe you have a normal family. Perhaps your family gatherings are filled with laughter, joy, and peace. You might be counting down the days until your next birthday gathering or…
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What to Do When Being a Good Mom Doesn’t Seem Good Enough

Nobody intentionally sets out to fail as a parent. No one plans on raising an axe murderer. I’ve never met a mom who lies in bed at night envisioning how…
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How to Survive Homeschooling – a Guest Post by Brooke and Nathan Bubna

{I'm very proud of all my kids and admire their dedication to their children. Both Jess and Nate and Brooke and Nathan homeschool. Since I'm in Africa this week, I…
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The Problem with Relational "Junk Drawers" (and What to Do with Those People Who Baffle or Bother You!)

Junk drawers. We all have them. Maybe yours is in a desk or somewhere in the garage or kitchen. Junk drawers are fairly common. Let me tell you why I’m…
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