Blood Born ~ A Novel

At a life-altering crossroad, a blood curse, a child abduction, forbidden love, and the fate of a Roman Centurion collide at the cross of Christ.

Blood Born tells the story of a Germanic boy transformed into a Roman centurion, eventually becoming a follower of Yeshua due to a dramatic encounter at the cross. From an untimely birth in a cave in Germania where his father curses him, to Jerusalem and the death and resurrection of Yeshua, this is a heroic story of adventure, suffering, and redemption.

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About the Book

A captivating saga of forbidden love, adventure, and redemption.

Blood-cursed by his father at birth and always in the shadow of his older brother, Arrius strives his entire life to discover his identity and purpose. Abducted as children, the boys grow up in a cruel Roman senator’s home and eventually become legionaries in the most powerful force on earth—the Roman army.

After years of struggle and tragic loss, Centurion Arrius is assigned to Jerusalem, where he falls in love with a Hebrew woman, Ayla Rose, and their forbidden marriage creates new challenges.

As a broken man in a hopeless situation, Arrius oversees the crucifixion of a strange Rabbi and comes to a life-altering crossroad at the foot of his cross.

What will become of Arrius when his savage roots and brutal past catch up with him and threaten to destroy his life once again?

Genres: Christian Historical Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance
Tag: Newest Release
Publisher: Trilogy (TBN)
Publication Year: 2024
ISBN: 9798890417428
List Price: 26.99
eBook Price: 12.99
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