What kind of friend are you?

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Recently, I found out that my publisher for Epic Grace (Tyndale Momentum) “passed” on my second book proposal. There simply weren’t enough sales from my first book to warrant taking the risk with me on a second one. Lots of publishers are on the ropes today and struggling to survive the exploding world of self-publishing, so I understand their decision. They have to put their limited resources into projects that make money. Epic Grace did well, but not well enough.

I get it. It’s a business decision. But I was still disappointed.

When I emailed some friends and posted about the rejection news on my Facebook page, I was simply amazed at the number of very kind responses. What’s more, in the first twenty-four hours after hearing from Tyndale, I received . . .

•    An awesome book review on Amazon by an author (my 75th review, read it here)

•    A Tweet from a military man who said he found my book in the Yokoda, Japan, air base BX

•    A touching comment on one of my blog posts

•    And a blog from another reviewer who told a moving story of a couple powerfully impacted by my simple book (read it here)

I don’t want to overstate this, but it was like God was saying to my heart, “I’ve called you to teach and to write, so stay the course and trust in my plan.”

Yup. I was in tears.

The most impacting thing in the wake of this disappointment was the number of people who said, “I believe in you.” Without a doubt, the most powerful words one human can say to another are, “I love you.” Certainly, near the top of the list are those equally incredible words, “I believe in you.”

Friends BelieveThis got me thinking about what makes a good friend. Here are seven things to consider:

1.    A friend is faithful even when you are not.

2.    A friend is kind even when you don’t deserve it.

3.    A friend is honest and speaks the truth in love to you even when you don’t want to hear it.

4.    A friend stays close to you even when you try to push them away.

5.    A friend has your back and they’ll take a bullet for you even if it costs them.

6.    A friend will laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry even if it gets messy.

7.    A friend believes in you no matter what even when you don’t believe in yourself.

If true wealth is measured by the true friends in one’s life, then I am a very wealthy man.

By the way, I’d appreciate your prayers for my agent, Esther, as she’ll be presenting my proposal for Epic Life (book number two) to other publishing houses in the near future. Actually, I’m excited now to see what the next step in my writing journey entails.

Thanks for your friendship!

Friends Journey

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15 Responses to What kind of friend are you?

  1. Dad, I am so very very proud of you! You are an amazing teacher and as you always remind me….God has a plan! He knows! He has something better and possibly even bigger planned for you! He already does amazing things through you and that is one of the MANY reasons that I am so very proud to be your daughter. You are an inspiration and encouragement everyday to me! You are my hero! Praying for you with your next book…praying for you always!
    I love you!

    • Michelle,

      As a father I can tell you how much it means when a son or daughter steps up to return some encouragement to Dad. Thanks for your example.

  2. Kurt, other members of our Christian Poets & Writers group on Facebook will benefit from your experience, so I’ll highlight this on the Christian Poets & Writers blog – http://christianpoetsandwriters.blogspot.com . Also want to say that your definitions of a friend reminds me of the Perfect Friend we have in Jesus Christ, Who believes in us even when our belief in Him falters. Thanks and blessings.

  3. Epic Grace is a great book. It has touched MANY lives. Successful can’t be measured in monetary means alone. If only ONE life was changed by your writing, then it was worth it. Thousands of lives have been changed. I hope and pray God will grant you another publisher. We all grieve with you, and pray with you, and love you.

  4. Kurt! I don’t only believe that this is Gods plan for you, I’ve seen it! I’m so happy you are encouraged to keep the course just because you can trust that this IS Gods plan. I am also blessed to call you my friend. I might not always be able to read all you, Jeff and now Teresa write but I love your writing, because I have always found Gods Handprint on it and heard his voice. You and Laura mean so much to me. I am praying.

  5. I met with a friend a few weeks ago, after not having spent time with her face to face in 4 years. I left our time together feeling as though she had said “I believe in you” by everything she said to me that day. Since then, her words have come to mind many times to encourage me. Definitely a gift from God. God is faithful. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Will definitely be praying for favor for you with next publisher.
    You not only have a talent for writing but for touching hearts and lives with the words you write.

  7. Every time I become discouraged and want to go do anything except write, I get a message or an email from somewhere unexpected that reaffirms that writing is what I’m supposed to do to make Jesus’ name great and add my little bit to his kingdom. I get discouraged a lot, and my sphere of influence is small, but like Jim up there said – we keep going knowing God is faithful, God is reading, God is leading just the right people to the heart of our words. (And friends, they’re great, because they believe in us when we don’t)

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