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How to Practice the Art of Authenticity (What it looks like to live without secrets!)

Last weekend I sat in an airport not so patiently waiting to catch a flight home. Across from me sat a young couple, and they were having a relatively quiet…
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Words Matter (And why we should be careful who we listen to if we truly want to make America great again.)

Words are potent. They inspire us to love. “Greater love has no one than this . . .” ~Jesus They intoxicate us with passion.  “I dare you to let me be…
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Fathers and Sons (Why the tension?)

There comes a day, typically sometime early in the preadolescent years, when dad loses his superpowers in the eyes of his son. The boast, “My dad is stronger than your…
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We all experience loss. If you’re human, you’ve struggled with something, somehow and somewhere. Even the happiest person on the planet knows the angst of sorrow. Honestly, given the choice,…
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