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An Open Letter to President Obama

As I write this, you are giving your final speech to the American people as our 44th President. I feel compelled, maybe even driven, to write a few things to…
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A Call to Love and Unity

It’s early and I was up late, too late, watching the election results. I’ll keep this short, but if I’m your pastor (or friend) then I beg you to read…
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Why I'm Not Embarrassed to Be an American

On a recent trip overseas, I was tempted to tell people that I’m Canadian. I figured I’d have way less explaining to do about the state of affairs in the…
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Words Matter (And why we should be careful who we listen to if we truly want to make America great again.)

Words are potent. They inspire us to love. “Greater love has no one than this . . .” ~Jesus They intoxicate us with passion.  “I dare you to let me be…
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