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Two Powerful Principles that Ensure Your Child’s Spiritual Safety

A Travel Guide for Life, Faith, and Relationships!  [A guest post.]   Zaccai was only out of my sight for a minute.  I was busy watching Lainey, the other one-year-old, and…
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It’s Tough Parenting Adult Children

A Travel Guide for Life, Faith, and Relationships!   Being a parent is tough. Being the parent of an adult child is even harder.   You have all the same…
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Suicide: Tragic Killer of Our Youth (And What You Can Do About It)

When I read the recent story of an 11-year-old boy named Tysen who hanged himself, it broke my heart. He eventually died from his self-inflicted injury. The news reported that…
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What to Do When Being a Good Mom Doesn’t Seem Good Enough

Nobody intentionally sets out to fail as a parent. No one plans on raising an axe murderer. I’ve never met a mom who lies in bed at night envisioning how…
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