Category: Spiritual Growth

How to Deal with Post-Spiritual-High Depression

Sometimes, following an experience in which God showed up in a powerful way, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with negative emotions.  Depression. Fear. Confusion. Frustration. Even anger. It doesn’t seem…
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What Ticked Jesus Off? (And Why Are Some Christians So Angry?)

We Christians (and I include myself in that group) are too easily offended at times. We are a passionate people given to strong feelings and even stronger opinions. Few in…
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Thankful for My Enemies?

In one twenty-four-hour period, I ran into two families who pretty much hate me. Once upon a time we had been friends. These encounters weren’t the first time I’ve seen…
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Why We Try to Hide Our Imperfections (And Why We Shouldn’t)

A few months ago, a young woman I’ve known all her life looked at me and said, “What’s that on your face?” She’s the bold, outspoken type, so her question…
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