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Thankful for My Enemies?

In one twenty-four-hour period, I ran into two families who pretty much hate me. Once upon a time we had been friends. These encounters weren’t the first time I’ve seen…
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Age to Age: What Boomers and Millennials Can Learn from Each Other

Recently, my incredible wife turned sixty. She’s a year older than I am (I think that makes her a cougar!), and even more beautiful to me than the day I…
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SEX GONE WRONG! (The Reasons, the Costs, and the Keys to Avoiding Catastrophe)

Dale (not his real name) was in my office, and through sobs of despair and shame, he said, “I don’t know what happened or why, but I cheated on my…
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How Email, Texting, and Facebook Messenger Might Be Damaging Your Relationships

We live in a digital world, and apparently we like to communicate electronically. A lot. I’m not against texting or emailing (I use both every day), but I am concerned…
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