What Makes a Great Mom Great?

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At this very moment, I’m sitting on a plane from Orange County (OC) to Seattle. Since OC is the home of Disneyland, there are plenty of kids on this flight. Most of them are fascinated by the in-flight experience. Some, unfortunately, are anything but thrilled (they should have stayed at the happiest place on earth).

Watching the moms do their utmost to console their little ones reminds me of how often my momma took care of me and endured my less than well-mannered behavior. She would probably say I was a good little boy, but she would be lying.

My mom did her best, and she’s always been a good mom, but I was prone to wander. I once got busted by my elementary principal for peeing on the boys bathroom wall (I was writing my name). At the very same school, I was almost suspended for intentionally throwing a softball at the head of our playground monitor. And the list goes on . . .

My mother’s ability to always keep her head above the fray amazes me. She survived raising three boys and one girl (who I insist was spoiled), a marriage of twenty-plus years to a man who had his issues, and major moves to six states with a family of six. She worked full time, kept a busy house relatively sane, and as a pastor’s wife, she had to put up with a thousand expectations of many parishioners. Frankly, I don’t know how she did it all without being driven to drink.

So what makes a great mom great?

Here are seven things I’ve noticed as a son, husband and father (married to another incredible mom).

  • A great mom is a parent who loves unconditionally. Her affection is not based on the performance of her children. Come hell or high water, good days or bad, she simply loves.
  •  A great mom says what she means and means what she says. You may not always like what she says, but you are rarely confused about her desires or intentions.
  •  A great mom disciplines, corrects, and molds her children with a view to their future. Her unconditional love does not mean unregulated tolerance for unruly behavior. She is committed to growth.
  •  A great mom provides the glue that keeps the family connected and together. She is the one who typically takes the initiative to gather the clan for family time and family meals.
  •  A great mom is a comforter. She seems to know what to say and when to say it to encourage and build up her kids. (And sometimes she doesn’t say anything, but she just holds you close.)
  •  A great mom instills a sense of destiny and God-given purpose in the hearts and minds of her children. From an early age, they believe in a big God who has big plans for their lives.
  •  A great mom loves Jesus with all of her heart, and she models faith and godliness to her children. They fall in love with Jesus because she is deeply in love with him.

Certainly, my list is far from complete, but I know each of these things mark the life of a great woman and mom.

So on this Mother’s Day 2014, I pray a special blessing on the moms. You matter. You are a gift to your children. You are amazing.

My momma brought me into this world; she profoundly shaped the man I have become, and I thank God for her everyday.

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

MothersDay Mom with kids
Mom and her crazy kids!
MothersDay Mom Adelle
Nanny & Adelle
MothersDay Mom Medit
Mom in Israel!
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16 Responses to What Makes a Great Mom Great?

  1. Thanks Kurt! You are so encouraging! I always look forward to what God says through you!

    • You are an amazing mom too, Gail! (I know because your son, Nathan, is quite a man, son, husband and father.) You are loved!

  2. Thank you Pastor Kurt for such an awe inspiring blog. Love the pics. I too was blessed with a wonderful mother.

  3. Kurt – A beautiful tribute. Love the pictures. Happy Mother’s Day to your Laura too. She is an awesome example of a great mom.


  4. Remember the day in Hibbing when you and I got into trouble and needed a spanking? Mom was so tired of spanking us rascals that she used probably the most effective means ever to get us to see how much pain we were causing her. She handed us the belt, bent over your bed and instructed us to spake her! “No momma, Noooooo!” We were both in tears. That was the last time I remember disobeying mom and the last spanking I ever remember, although we never did get one that day. Thank you Mom.

  5. I think I was too emotional to comment on this when you wrote it…
    Have I ever, ever told you how much I love you and how proud I am of you? Well, I’m telling you now.

    In spite of me, God made you into the man of God He had planned you to be from the very beginning.

    I love you. I am proud of you…of all of my gifts (children) from God. He is good.

    • God gave me a momma who could handle a lot (like me) and keep her head above the fray. You are so loved!

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