What Frog and Toad Taught Me About Life

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Frog_and_toad_coverFor decades I’ve been reading to my children, and now grandchildren, the fun adventures of Frog and Toad. These children’s books, written by Arnold Lobel, have been some of my favorites.

Frog is taller, friendlier and much more positive than Toad. Toad is shorter and the more serious and anxious of the two. Their humorous escapades include some wonderful lessons for children and adults.

For Toad, the glass is not half-empty or half-full—it’s just dirty. For Toad, even acts of kindness (like attempting to bring Frog some ice cream), usually end up in a mess or a disaster of some sort.

Frog is kinder and wiser. He sees the best in life and the best in his friend. Frog will say, trying to encourage his buddy, “I saw everything. You did very well by yourself.”

Toad, in reaction to a scary sled ride replies, “I did not. But there is one thing I can do all by myself. I can go home. Winter may be beautiful, but my bed is much better.”

Toad is such a toad.

What have I learned from these two?

  • It’s better to be a frog (positive) than a toad (negative).
  • Attitude affects everything.
  • Life rarely goes the way we want or expect.
  • For those who have eyes to see, adventures are everywhere.
  • Friendship is costly and priceless.

Yesterday, while reading a chapter to my grandson, Caleb, I started to wonder, “Is life really that simple? Can most of the world be described as toad-like or frog-like?”

I’m still pondering that question (and would love to hear what you think), but here’s my deep philosophical and spiritual insight for the day: I’d rather be a builder than a destroyer, an encourager than a discourager, and much more of a frog than a toad.

 “From now on, brothers and sisters,

if anything is excellent and if anything is admirable,

focus your thoughts on these things:

all that is true,

all that is holy,

all that is just,

all that is pure,

all that is lovely,

and all that is worthy of praise.” 

Philippians 4:8 (CEB)

happy frog

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8 Responses to What Frog and Toad Taught Me About Life

  1. I tend toward being a toad if I am not on guard. Thankfully I was kissed by a beautiful princess 32 years ago who has been slowly turning me into a frog.

  2. So true! Now I know what I’m going to buy my grandson for Christmas! He loves books and I love to read to him, especially books with a message for all of us, young and old. God bless you! Love your blog and your book is amazing. I’m giving it for Christmas too. 🙂

  3. Catching up on my reading… and am so blessed by your words, Kurt!! You and Laura have been some of mine and LeRoy’s biggest cheerleaders/frogs in our lives!!! We are incredibly grateful for your friendship and encouragement! Thank you!

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