Voices Everywhere

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Voices 2 Many Words

{Introductory note: I believe in listening. I embrace the wisdom of getting counsel from godly men and women. By no means am I encouraging any arrogant attitude of isolating ourselves from the voices of others. However, we must be careful to listen first and foremost to the Voice of the only One who is our Lord. Furthermore, too often we worry too much about what others think or we let even our self-voice distract us from “a whisper” clearly from Him.}

So many voices

Multiplied choices

A word here

A comment there

Sounds everywhere

A thought

A lot

A terrible plot

Now left to wander in despair


So many tears

Multiplied years

A regret here

A failure there

Cries everywhere

A look

Some took


What hope is ever found near


My eyes are dry

My heart is bruised

My mind confused and lacking

But in this moment

Despite the cracking

I hear another voice break through


A whisper clear

A song so dear

A melody of peace

Hold on, it rings

Stay close, it sings

Press on amidst the stings


One voice

One sound

One hope is found

One way to be set free

One moment now

One heart to bow

One Lord is all I need

Voice of God

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