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When Your World Caves In (What to do and not do!)

Perfectly Imperfect – A Travel Guide for Life, Relationships, and Faith! This is not going to be one of those blogs that tells you how to turn lemons into lemonade.…
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I Lost a Friend Today (But that’s not the end of the story)

My heart hurts. My head is splitting. It’s been a long twenty-four hours of grieving. In a tragic accident yesterday, my friend, Bob Stoker, was struck by a van while…
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Struggle Less. Love More.  (The “Secret” to Overcoming Failure)

Have you ever had one of those moments when something becomes so clear it’s like you were blind before you saw it? I had one of those revelations recently. For…
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An Experiment in "Anti-Social" Behavior

It’s day three, and my withdrawal symptoms are raging. Shakes. Irritability. Difficulty focusing. Depression. If you had told me I was “addicted,” I would have denied it, but apparently I…
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