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1001 A Grace Reflection

Kurt W. Bubna


A thousand times I’ve come to Him

A thousand times undone.

A thousand times He’s rescued me

And now a thousand one.

What is this love

That holds me close

Regardless of my sin?

What is this hope

A grace defined

Completely found in Him?

A thousand times He’s come to me

A thousand times redone.

A thousand times I’m found in Him

And now a thousand one.


(Associated Artwork by Kim Loth)

Snow 1

A Winter's Tale

Kurt W. Bubna, Christmas 2015


Born at the edge of winter’s tale

Lost in a life so splintered fell

Too deep the darkness ran to tell

Hard my heart began toward hell

What hope had I but You?


Wise too soon to earthly things

Eyes too open to what death brings

Bruised my heart became a sieve

Trapped the evil web was weaved

What path could lead to You?


But then You came and pursued me

A song

A sound

My heart beat free

A whisper now

so very near

The end of what I knew was fear


My twisted tapestry of life a crime

A brokenness far from sublime

Yet through the darkness Your light did shine

A touch

A healing

Your life now mine


For You

For me

For all to see

I live to live and to be free

The grace I’ve known a mystery

You have my heart and destiny


Now past the barrier that once was me

In step with You on bended knee

My hope secure

My liberty

My all

My God

You’ve rescued me!


Kim Loth (My Amazing Sister)


Are you broken by accident

By chance

Or fate

Or did God break you

Is it him you hate


Why do some

Escape life’s pain

And others endure

The cruelest game

Did the tiny infant

Who failed to thrive

bare the weight

Of her mother’s lies

Did the hungry


Deserted child

ask to be born

In the jungle wild


No one chooses

This painful life

no victim of

Some sinners strife

No one wants

This cross to bear

no one asks

Who would dare

So why then does

Such hurt exists

Where children die

And God resists

Why is pain and misery

all around

All I see


If God is love

And God is all

Why then

Does he allow

To fall

The weakest child

The strongest man

If stars obey

His one command


Does he cause

The senseless ache

To turn our hearts

To fear

To hate


Or perhaps

He lets us be


Of history


He doesn’t need

To create

The pain

He uses it

He felt the same


Could he stop


Heal the sick

Slay the mean


Of course

He can

He has before

But maybe

That’s what

Heaven for


I chose to think

He used

Our scars

So that we

Shine amongst

The stars




Nathan D. Bubna


and as night changes back to day,

i change once more with it.

but day i have not become.

nor night have i been.

i am ever changing twilight.

never dead.

but never fully alive.

shadowed and shaded by sin and fear.

dimmed by the haze of confusion.

colored with bitter doubt and sweet longing.

how strange it is to see my reflection in the sky,

and that for but a few short hours.

so very inconstant and stirring,

both beautiful and deeply haunting.

and here in this uneven gloam,

i see all hope and all sorrow.

both light that burns wide open eyes,

and the dark that steals their fire.

The Birds of the Air

Kurt W. Bubna


I watched a yellow finch today 

She danced 

And fluttered 

Then flew away


I felt the wind

It touched my face

Then blew far on

Without a trace


I heard the song

Of a child, not far

But then drowned out

By a thumping car


What is this place

We call grand earth

A ball of joy

And misplaced mirth


A place of beauty

A land of pain

Lost moments here

Still hope remains


What comes of all

Our stress and fight

What leads to life

And true delight


I saw a yellow finch today

It was enough

Despite the fray

To calm my heart

And help me pray


Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”                                    Matthew 6:26 (NIV)

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