I ache . . .

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heartbrokenThere is nothing quite like the ache a parent or grandparent feels for their distressed child. Whether the child is sick, wrestling with an emotional struggle or a physical challenge, the pain we feel can be overwhelming. It doesn’t matter how old your kids or grandkids are, you always ache when they ache, and you always suffer when they suffer.

When you love someone, you want the best for him or her. 

When you care about someone, you’ll do anything you can to alleviate their pain. 

When you are close to someone, you feel their agony and weep their tears.

It’s what love does.

This morning, I literally wept over a struggle someone very close to me is experiencing. I would do anything to fix this situation. There is nothing I wouldn’t pay or do to help. Absolutely nothing.

My eyes are bloodshot and my head and heart hurt like they’re being squeezed in a vise. Over and over I prayed, “God, I beg you to intervene. Do something. Anything. Please come and fix this . . . .”

And the heavens seemed silent.

Then it hit me like a tidal wave . . . God feels every pain of every person in every moment of his or her life.

He knows my pain.

He understands my struggle.

He sees it all.

And He too longs for our healing.

David wrote, “You know what I long for, Lord; you hear my every sigh,” Psalm 38:9 NLT. In fact, consistently, David turned in his grief and struggle to the One who understood it best.

Somehow, as I wailed and wondered, just knowing that He knows brought me comfort. Suddenly, I didn’t feel alone or afraid anymore. Nothing changed, but everything changed.

I have no idea what is causing you to ache in this moment. I don’t know what is bringing angst and sorrow to your soul.

But here’s what I do know: God has seen our troubles and cares deeply about the anguish of our souls (Ps. 31:7); He is close to the brokenhearted (Ps. 34:18); and even when we walk through the valley of shadows, He is close beside us (Ps. 23:4).

When life is hard, hang on to what you know, not what you feel. And know this—He knows, He cares, and He is very close.

Can I pray for you?

“Father, this life is so hard sometimes. We have so little control and feel so overwhelmed by circumstances that baffle us. We know so little, and we ache so much. Please carry us. Please protect us. But most of all, please help us to keep our eyes on You no matter what. You alone are our hope.”



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11 Responses to I ache . . .

  1. Read the book, by the third chapter I knew why you won. Great book . loved it and passing it on. Thank you! Especially for your honesty and subjects addressed. It will help the body of Christ.

    • Thank you, Brenda. Please continue to pray my simple, heartfelt words make an impact for Jesus in the lives of many. I know so many need His grace . . . .

  2. This blog meant a lot to me. My son and daughter in law lost their baby on Friday. I ache for their pain! This was their first child that they have been anticipating since their marriage.

    • I’m so sorry, Jon. As parents, both our joy and our pain is doubled with our kids. When they rejoice over their children, we rejoice for both our kids and our grandkids . . . when they suffer, we suffer for both as well. Praying for you right now.

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