How to Deal with Pesky Foxes

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Fox 1A while back I joined a close pastor friend for a cup of coffee. Often, God speaks into my life through this guy and this time was no exception.

I shared with him a few minor financial and relational struggles. As I sipped my Americano, he looked me in the eye and said, “Those things are just foxes meant to distract you. Stay focused on Jesus, Kurt.”

Years ago, I visited a friend in Scotland. He told me a story about one pesky little fox who often stole into his chicken coop and ran off with his best egg-layers. He’d sit in his attic for hours, window open and rifle in hand, hoping to nab the wily critter.

With the expectation of a victorious story, I asked him, “Well, did you ever get him?” “Blimey, no!” he said, “I just wasted a lot of time sitting in my attic like a silly twit.”

Fox Gun

That’s what foxes do; they keep you worried about the chickens and wasting way too much time in the process. So how should we deal with a fox? Here are some things to consider:

  • What might be lost or negatively affected by this fox? If it’s something important, kill the dang fox. If it’s not truly critical, you might be better off ignoring it.

  • Has this fox become so consuming in your life that you forget the things that truly matter? Again, you might have to destroy the fox to get free from it, but maybe it’s just a ploy of the enemy to rob you of your peace in Christ.

  • Is the fox rabid? For example, pornography is not a fox, and neither is a divisive person (that person is a wolf). Don’t excuse a major issue by calling it a fox. See the problem for what it is and deal with it accordingly.

  • Is this fox the source of your difficulty or a symptom of something deeper? The best way to take care of symptomatic problems is to treat the root issue.

Ask Jesus to show you whether or not a fox is worthy of your attention. He will. Be wise and stay aware. Our enemy doesn’t always send grizzlies after us, but rather annoying little foxes meant to draw our eyes off of Jesus.

Fox Bear

May I pray for you?

Lord, we are prone to distractions. Keep our eyes on you, and release us from the snares we stumble into. Help us to discern foxes from grizzlies. Amen.

“My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare” Psalm 25:15.

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