Author: KurtBubna
Kurt W. Bubna published his first book, Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot, with Tyndale in 2013. He has also published Mr. & Mrs.: How to Thrive in Perfectly Imperfect Marriage, The Rookie’s Guide to Getting Published, a devotional, and two children's book. Bubna is an active blogger, itinerate speaker, regular radio and television personality, and the Sr. Pastor of Eastpoint Church, a large non-denominational congregation in Spokane Valley, Washington. He and his wife, Laura, have been married for over forty-two years and have four grown children and eight grandchildren.

The Secret to Inspiring Others! (Yes, There Is a Secret.)

A Travel Guide for Life, Faith, and Relationships!   Inspiration matters.   Inspiration is that experience you feel deep in your soul, a longing to do something creative, fresh, and…
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The Sometimes Painful Cost of Leadership

A Travel Guide for Life, Faith, and Relationships!   As I look back over the many decades of my life, I can see two things very clearly: God’s goodness and…
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Still a Work in Progress (and Far from Perfect)

A Travel Guide of for Life, Faith, and Relationships!     Let me be clear. We. Are. All. Broken.   You might be thinking, “That’s not very positive. That’s not…
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Stepping into the Unknown

A Travel Guide for Life, Faith, and Relationships!   Have you noticed that God often calls us into the unknown and the uncomfortable?   Why do you think He does…
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