How to save a friend from getting hit by a bus!

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London Bus 1I was with a friend, Mike, many years ago, and we were checking out the sights in London, England. London is a large, busy, and fascinating city. As you may know, vehicles drive on the wrong side of the road in Great Britain. Silly Brits.

Out of habit, as I was about to step out into a crowded street, I looked left to see if anyone was coming, and all was clear. However, to my right and headed straight for me was a huge red double-decker bus. At the last moment, Mike grabbed my jacket and yanked me back to the sidewalk and safety. Just as he did, the bus went buzzing by, and I realized, I could have died!

Mike did for me what anyone who cares does for others, if we see trouble coming, we intervene to help. It’s what friends do for friends. Trust me, I wasn’t mad at him for saving my bacon. I was extremely grateful.

I recently published a book about marriage. It’s full of wise, practical, and helpful insights that I’ve learned in almost forty years of marriage and thirty-five years of pastoring. But my literary agent told me, “Marriage books don’t sell.” If she’s right, I find that sad and disturbing. Of all the types of books out there, marriage and family books should sell the best because all of us need help.

Open book.

Most of us know friends and family members who are about to get hit by the divorce bus. Even if their marriage is doing fine, everyone faces daily struggles that threaten to derail the best of marriages. We all need support.

So here’s my challenge: Read the following excerpt from my marriage book and then order the book as a gift for a friend or family member you love. You might even want to order a copy for yourself. I promise you, when you invest in your marriage the dividends are amazing and worth your time and money.

From Mr. & Mrs. ~ How to Thrive in a Perfectly Imperfect Marriage

This blog is an excerpt from Kurt's newest book!
This blog is an excerpt from Kurt’s newest book!

Marriage is hard. That being said, marriage is also a great gift from the Father used to mold and carve us into the men and women he wants us to become.

After nearly forty years of marriage, lots of struggles, and a few trips through the valley of the shadow of death in our relationship, I can tell you it’s worth it.

Always fun? Nope.

Always easy? Absolutely not.

Always good for us? Yes.

Laura and I have learned the greatest secret of survival: stay the course.

  •  When you’re not sure you even like each other, let alone love each other, stay the course and make the choice to love.

  • When you’re physically and emotionally exhausted, stay the course and take your next step in God’s power. Remember, his grace is made perfect in your weakness.

  • When the obstacle in your face overwhelms you, stay the course and fix your eyes on Jesus, who is the pioneer and perfecter of your faith. You are not alone.

  • When you’re hurting and devastated by your spouse’s sin or immaturity, stay the course and trust that God is bigger than your spouse and more committed to their growth than you can imagine.

young couple with a problem at psychologist office

If you need help, please get it. Far too often, couples wait too long, and by the time they end up reaching out for help, their marriage is on its final count. Why do they wait? Pride. But as Solomon wrote, “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18).

The stakes are high. In our culture, surviving—let alone thriving—in a long-term relationship is challenging. But in Christ all things are possible, including the healing and maturity of your marriage.

So stay the course, and you’ll never regret it. Keep going. Be a lifelong learner, commit to personal and spiritual growth, and then watch what God will do in you and your marriage.

travel America

This is an excerpt from my recently published book: Mr. & Mrs. ~ How to Thrive in a Perfectly Imperfect Marriage! Click HERE to order it on Amazon. BTW, when you order the print version, you get the digital version for free!

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